Trade Show:

Definition: An exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

1. Trade Shows are good for companies to show off. When you go to a trade show you are going to be walking through booths and set ups from a multitude of companies. Think flea market but with very professional companies that are showing off their products. Sometimes you’ll see just a table with a person taking names, while other times you might see a huge booth with a basketball court. (Picture)

2. Competitors can catch up. While it is great for you to have your best on display you then have to realize, you have your best on display. Competitors, and yourself, love trade shows for this reason. Take the opportunity to see what your competition is up to! It will help you realize you are on track or maybe have to start catching up.

3. Finding the opportunities for your industry. Having a little to do with the second reason mentioned, trade shows give you the opportunity to see what is missing from your industry. Seeing the new innovations being brought out can open your eyes to what still might need to be created. Trade shows can give you the chance to be the first to bring something new into your industry.

Why Attend: If you are a buyer for a company, it is important to show up at trade shows. Not just because you can get the newest products that are out for your company, but also because you need to learn the trends that are happening in your industry so you can plan accordingly. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you are a seller, the reasons are obvious. Learning what is happening in your industry is a must and also making sure your name is in the mix is vital to stay alive.

Why organize: Take it from us, putting together a trade show isn’t something that you can just do overnight. It takes planning and hard work. If you are able to get a trade show going it could be great for your networking and also help out other companies in the area that don’t have that type of trade show around. If you have enough interest for the trade show you can get companies all over the world to pay for a space in your show.