The Sterling Story

Here is the story of how Sterling Events Got into event planning: More than 25 years ago, my wife Paula and I had the dream of starting our own business, and our research showed the need for corporate travel management services in small to mid-sized companies. We chose Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as it’s my hometown, and we chose the name Sterling because it exemplified the type of business we wanted to become and the quality of service we wanted to deliver – authentic; real; genuine; of the finest quality. Ask us today and we’ll tell you, we never imagined back then the extent to which our dream would evolve.

In 1999, we sold Sterling Travel Co. and retained the meeting and events division, Sterling Events Co. Since that time, we have grown our meetings and corporate event planning portfolio. Our home office continues to be located near Winston-Salem.

Over the past two decades, we have remained flexible to the needs of the marketplace, taking on new challenges and exploring new ideas, often at the request of our clients. We continue to hire and recruit a group of incredibly talented and focused team members that are without question our most valuable asset for our corporate event planning. Their professionalism and dedication is the simple, clear reason for our success and growth.

Through the years and the struggles of operating any business, we have remained steadfast in our one, true mission – to always provide the signature standard of Sterling service and to deliver dreams, great event planning, and solutions to each and every client.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a loyal client base, and I cannot express to you how much we value these longstanding relationships. We treasure the confidence and trust our clients have placed in us for more than 25 years, and we strive every day to deliver the highest levels of service to each of our clients. Every day is a new opportunity to delight and create the “WOW” experience that we are known for.

Simply put, we are passionate about corporate events and serving our clients. That is the one difference that makes all the difference. We invite you to see what that can mean for you and your event.

With Sterling Regards,

Wayne Thomas