Top performers for a company deserve the best! So when you reward them, why not reward them with the best incentive trips that you can think of? Heres a list , in no particular order, of some of the top places to have for your next incentive trips!

Incentive Trips Holland

1) Amsterdam, Holland

It’s got everything. Museums, art, history, architecture, and you can bike everywhere! Take your top performers on a cruise through the canals, or let them run free in this beautiful history filled city.

Budapest Incentive Trips

2) Budapest, Hungary

Around since the 800s, this European city has more then enough to do! Let your people check out some of the 80+ geothermal springs or see some of the most amazing architecture you can think of in Buda Castle, the Chain Bridge, and tons more. This incentive trip is sure to make any top performer happy.

Lucerne Incentive Trips

3) Lucerne, Switzerland

If you want to give your top performers a break, give them a trip here. Lucerne is a calm medieval town with Swiss traditions and a calming atmosphere to help them reboot! Who doesn’t love to sit back and relax after a hard days work?

Sardina Incentive Trips

4) Sardinia, Italy

If you want beaches delicious foods and an atmosphere of culture and never ending exploring, check our Sardinia on your next incentive trips. Fun fact, Sardinia has it own variation of the Italian language!

 South Carolina Incentive Trips

5) Kiawah Island, South Carolina

If its local and in the US you are looking for, may we suggest Kiawah Island for an incentive trip? 25 miles out of Charleston, the island is a great getaway for your participants. Great golf courses and 10 miles of beaches. “Wow” is not enough to describe this great getaway.

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