Tagline! Are they needed? Do you already have one? Is it good? These are the questions you should be asking yourself when figuring out if your annual event has or even needs one.

First off lets get the obvious out of the way. If you do end up wanting to have a tagline for your event, what should it be? That, of course, all depends on your audience. If you are having an event about doctors, your are going to want something that appeals to them. Is the tagline relevant to your base? Does it help others understand what the event is about? Again, these are questions you will have to ask yourself when you come up with your tagline.

Examples (fake): “The 26th Annual Surgeons Convention! Lets Get Slicing!” – “The National Dog show! It’s Pawsome!” (Other Examples Real)

Now you need to ask yourself the hard question. Do I even need a one? This answer is much more muddled because a tagline might not help your event, it could just be too confusing. If you already have been holding a convention or trade show for years, and are just deciding you need a tagline, you might not need too. You see, when you already have an established product, adding a tagline is only necessary if you are changing the feel or movement of the show. If you have been holding your doctors convention for 25 years and just decided that you want it to have a tagline, it better be relevant to a major change that is happening. Otherwise your are just throwing glitter on a glitter cake.

So ask yourself, is it worth the trouble of coming up with one? Will it help the show and the audience that is showing up to the event? Then make sure it is relevant to your attendees.

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