When Attending a Convention or Trade Show, you never want to walk in knowing exactly what to expect. Boring is not a theme that you want heard about your events, that is for sure. So what are some cool ideas and tricks to make your event unique or at least exciting to attend?


Themes are not the end all for a convention or trade show, but they are a good talking point for people at the event. They can also help guide your structure on building the event. For instance, if you decide a color is the theme, you can have people dress up in that color, have foods and snacks in that color and also make sure the convention or trade show follows the color theme with booths and banners. Themes are a great way to get a convention goers fired up and talking.

2. Setting the Stage

You enter the Confrence room and look up to the stage and see a someone sitting on the stage in a chair holding a microphone. Nothing special, just a normal looking guy with a bland stage talking at everyone hoping they care about what he’s talking about. Sounds exciting right? No, that’s lame, and super boring. Starting making your stage magical and something to look at. If you have something your speaker can stand in front of that will draw the eye, it will help your audience become more involved in the speaker and create more talking points for the audience after the convention or trade show ends. Check out some of the ideas here

3.Panels, Panels, Panels

Having a group of people sit in front of another group of people talking at those people about things that they are experts in shouldn’t be boring. A fun way to make more people show up to a panel Q&A  is to create a cool setting for that panel. Hollywood Squares (note link above), having your panel sit in a circle so more than one person can ask a question at a time, maybe having secret questions set up so if a convention goer ask that specific question they win a prize. (This can help get the audience involved with the panel as much as possible)

Hopefully this helps you with your next convention or trade show. For more tricks and tips CLICK HERE.