With Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas and Hurricane Irma hitting the Caribbean and soon the south east of the United States, it’s an important time for team building. If you are a business owner or a team leader, now would be a great time to get your team to work together to help those in need. Here are some examples of what you and your team can do to help.

  1. Team building will help your team work together to create care packages for those in need. Get your team together and form a line and fill packages of food or hygiene products. Water, food, and most stores will be shut down or closed, so putting together these care packages will not only help your team bond, but also help those in need.


2) Use your incentives trip to help those in need. Instead of going to an island or Las Vegas, send your team to help in the relief. Help build houses or rescue those stuck in bad situations. This will not only help your team bond while helping others, it will help create a efficient humble team. 

3) Sponsor a relief team if you can. If you can’t send your own team, work together to help sponsor a team that is able to go. Gather money together and help load supplies for a team that can go and help in person. if you can’t sponsor a whole team : Check out this site to help donate to the cause today!

Try to accomplish one of these three things to help create a team building activity while also helping your fellow humans! Its important to set a standard in your company that you are a family and that you are there to help others in need. 

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