Why Video is Important for Your Next Big Event

It’s important to you that your event goes well, but how do you show others that your events are fun and exciting to go to? Yes, you can get great pictures of people smiling or shaking hands, but that doesn’t really show the energy and excitement people can have at your event like video can. Video can also be taken and edited in so many ways that you can have content for weeks from just one event!

HIGHLIGHT REELS – The best thing you can get from video content, in my opinion, is a highlight reel. Not only does a highlight reel sum up your event in a matter of seconds or minuets, you can pull out the best and most exciting moments of your event and showcase them to your current and future attendees. We all know making sure the ones who came before come back, is very important. Check out this example of a highlight reel from our latest show.

TEASERS  Similar to highlight reels, you can make teasers for upcoming events with content you got from past events. You need hype to get people to come and spread the word, and thats exactly what teasers do! You don’t even need to use content form past shows. B-roll footage can be implemented from free sites to help show what your attendees might experience when they come.

Pexels Free Stock Video

SOCIAL MEDIA – Content is king on social media. If you are lucky enough to catch something amazing on video or even something genuinely nice, someone helping someone else / a group of people doing someone good, you can put that on your social media and have a chance of it going viral. Now the chances of something going viral is pretty slim, but it could happen! And if it does happen, you can going followers and potential new attendees to your next big event.

GIFS – It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, gifs are great! You take a piece of interesting video, and make it loop over and over with no sound or play button. Gifs are great for getting the attention of those who don’t have much of an attention span. They can also be compressed and put on your websites for some great quality content. For example:

Event Video

Bottom line, get some video from your next event and start getting people hype for your future events. If you need help with that, let us know!

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