Definition: Merriam-Webster dictionary: “A formal meeting in which many people gather in order to talk about ideas or problems related to a particular topic, usually for several days.”

So lets break that down some.

1. A Formal Meeting. In this case formal is professional. The dress is professional, the speakers are professional, and the atmosphere is professional. If you are attending a Confrence you make sure to dress appropriately and pay attention to everything because you are there to learn.

2. Discussing the problems related to a topic. Conferences are for everyone and involve the industry. When you go to one don’t talk about your store or company, that is not what a conference is about. You are there to discuss with a large group, the problems and opportunities in your industry as a whole.

3. Speakers but not always discussions. Conferences will have plenty of breakout sessions… sometimes. What you need to expect is keynote speakers and experts of the industry giving speeches. Conferences are a perfect time to take notes and learn about how you can better your business thanks to the knowlege of these guest speakers.

Why attend one: Leaders in your field who have navigated many of the same challenges you do in your daily job will be at these conferences, it is your chance to learn from them. Successfully overcoming some of the problems that you face, and share how they made it through. Conferences are here to help create new ideas and influences for you and your growing business.

Why organize one: More then one brain looking at an issue is not a bad thing! Getting tons professionals together from the same field will help you and others learn more about how to solve issues and create strategies. Making sure you have the right company help you organize and manage your events is a very good idea!

Stay Tuned for More Types of Events And Why You Should Organize and Attend Them!