1. When your Trade Show booth is located the furthest from the show entrance.

If your trade show booth location is bad, you should feel bad, because you probably aren’t going to get much traffic. A lot of shows have pre-registration and spots can fill up a year before the show even starts! So think of how terrible it would be for you to be sitting in a room full of people yet…. NO ONE SEES YOU! OOoOooOOO

2. Your Exhibit Has Vanished.

You are there the day before the trade show starts and you are excited to set up your booth, but there’s some thing wrong, your booth is missing because you didn’t ship it! Scary right? Make sure you are planning ahead and letting your company know you need your booth days before set up so you are prepared. Unless you are ok with standing in a crowded room wearing your uniform just handing our last minute pamphlets you printed out. Yikes!

3.  Nothing FITS.

Everything is going right! You have you island booth ready for set up and… OH MY GOD! NOTHING FITS! Your banner is too big, your items just don’t look right, and to make things worse, the ceiling wall is too low to put up your tent! Its important to figure out the dimensions before you set up, also know the rules of the convention center. You never know what you’ll be running into, but you can at least be prepared!

More dos and don’ts“…. and there was a bloody hook attached to his trade show booth….

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