Top Reasons to Hire a Corporate Meeting and Event Planner

Planning corporate meetings and events isn’t always as easy as it looks.  With so many details and moving parts, even small meetings can seem daunting.  Plus, planning a meeting or event on top of your regular workload can add stress to an already hectic schedule.  Here are the top reasons why you should hire a professional corporate meeting and event planner!

Cost Effective

It’s likely your first thought when considering hiring a meeting or event planner is, “Won’t it be expensive?”  However, professional planners are skilled at working within a budget.  We have the experience to negotiate contracts and anticipate those unexpected expenses that would otherwise send a project soaring over budget.  Besides, when you consider the cost of diverting you and/or your team’s time, effort, and resources to planning the meeting, you’ll see the value in partnering with a pro.

Supplier Connections

By pulling off event after successful event, meeting planners build a strong network of suppliers.  No one can do it alone, and successful planners know the right person for the right job.  From hotels and resorts to catering and A/V, we’ve built long-standing relationships with reliable vendors to ensure every aspect of your meeting is smooth and professional.


It’s all in the details, details, details, and that’s where professional meeting planners shine.  No one that is unexperienced in meeting and event planning can possibly consider all the details in advance.  Even if you were able to think of all the details that go into planning a meeting, it doesn’t leave much time for the rest of your workload.  No detail will be left untouched in the hands of a capable professional corporate meeting planner.

Reduce Stress

You have enough to do without adding on the responsibilities of planning a corporate meeting or event.  By the time you’ve organized everything, you are too worn out to even appreciate the final product.  Focus on enjoying the event and connecting with your guests and leave the planning and logistics to a professional. 


It all boils down to experience.  As meeting planners, we do this for a living.  And there is nothing we haven’t seen.  You can rest assured that our wealth of experience benefits your events.  Those last-minute fires that always seem to pop up at meetings and events?  If they haven’t been avoided altogether, we know just how to put them out.  You wouldn’t expect an entry-level employee to know every aspect of their new job.  Why should you be expected to know the myriad of things takes to pull off an outstanding event without prior experience? 

So shed the stress and don’t sweat the details!  Call Sterling Events Group and hire a professional corporate meeting and event planner!