1) Choose location that is away from the office and has a relaxing atmosphere for your summits. When you create a summit, you want to make sure that you get people our of their daily routines. Choose a resort of some sort to make sure your employees understand that this is more of a relaxing vacation than a work environment. Golfing, boating, even ski resorts are all good choses for a summit’s experience. Ideally you want to make sure that you are choosing a location that makes it feel like a vacation over going back to work.

2) Everyone needs to participate in the summit events. When we say this we don’t mean that you need to force everyone to participate in the events. But you do need to let everyone understand that they are welcome to participate and that the event is inclusive. This includes you! Don’t allow yourself to become distracted with the summits management. Participate in the events and add your opinions and ideas to the pile.

3) Get a professional to help run you summits. Previously stated, you need to make sure you are participating in the event. Hire a professional to run your summits to make sure the activities are running smoothly and all of the essentials like food, beverage, and housing are covered. You need to be active with your employees and not concerned with the day to day stuff of the summit. Professionals can make sure that your attention is on the activities and your employees.

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