Top 3 Booth Tips For your next Trade Show or Convention

1. Location

The most important thing for your booth at your Trade Show or Convention is where it might be located on the floor. You are going to want to reserve your spot as early as possible to beat out any competition and also, some times this is an incentive to reserving early, get the best price. Location for your booth will alway vary in price, most likely the better the spot on the Trade Show floor the more costly it will be. But those extra dollars will be a great investment for your company when you notice the amount of traffic your booth is getting compared to the booths in less desirable locations.

2. Get the Look

Not to compare buyers at Trade Shows and Conventions to bugs, but you have to think of them like moths attracted to a flame. In other words, you have to make your booth look hot! Adding big screen TVs, having creative banners around your booth, and placing your product throughout the booth is always a great strategy in attracting the right customers.

3. Become Approachable

Once the booth at your Trade Show and/or Convention is made to look amazing, its time to become “approachable!” If you have unprofessional staff and unenthused faces at the booth, you aren’t going to be approached. Also making sure your booth is interactive is a great way to get your customers involved. A basketball hoop, video demo, or even something as small as reading material will put you in the right directions and get your customers involved.

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