If you are still in a world that denies FaceBook or really any other social media outlet, you might want to start rethinking your business priorities. Social media has made itself a necessity in the business world and without it, you are missing our on a majority of every base you can think of. So if you are having a trade show or convention, heck even something as small as an incentives trip, you should think about having a “social wall” on your site! This will allow you to understand what it its your attendees like or even dislike. This also will allow you to have the information you might need on the attendees to contact them for the next show or meeting you will have. “Hey john doe! you liked out chocolate fountains last year! come back for more!”



Here is something with a more high-tech name that actually turns out to be very low tech and old school. when we say Face Book, we actually mean a book with the information and faces of attendees! this can be a book specific to small meetings you are having so everyone can meet everyone and have that extra information you might need. For larger conventions you can have attendees pay to have their face and information in a larger “Face Book!” the book can help people meet other attendees with an easy ice breaker, or even if an attendee has a question about something in particular they can find someone in the book that would have that type of information. If you are using this with a trade show or convention the information can include the booth number and a small map to find where their booth is located.