Should you use Graphic Recording for your Business Meetings? 

So before getting into the subject check out this video to see what graphic recording is and how a business can use it.

Originally  I was going to make a pros and cons list on the subject and let you decide if you would like to use graphic recording for your next meeting, but instead I’m just going to tell you what you should do. You should definitely use graphic recording for your next meeting, if for anything else, to see how it works for your employees. We all know there are diffrent types of learning. There are the visual learners, the audio learners, and the ones who have to do both. Graphic recording covers all your bases when you need to make everyone in the room understand what is going on.

There really is no down side to it, besides finding someone who can draw well enough and quick enough to record the conversation. This type of recording for your next meeting will help everyone who learns differently. For the audio learners, they can listen to the speaker as they usually do while for the visual learners they can watch the graphic recorder. After the meeting is done, you can take photos of the drawings and also take the larger paper and put it out in the office space to remind your employees what your game plans are coming out of the meetings.

Its also possible that this type of meeting can eliminate smaller meetings that would happen after because everything should be written out from the larger meetings. Try it out and let us know how it works for you! Check out more of our blogs HERE and contact us if you would like to work with us for your next big event HERE.