A large part of any meeting, trade show, convention, or conference is where you are going to hold it. Venues can make or break an event because it can be the deciding factor if an attendee is going to show up. Lest say you have chosen the best venue, what are some tips on making sure you get the best price? Here are 6 tips on how to make sure you get the best price for your dream venue:

1.  Keep your budget to yourself? Do you have your budget ready? Great! Keep it to yourself. If a venue knows your budget they can use that as leverage to make you pay more for something you could be paying much less for.

2.  Have a few “options”. Get quotes from more then 2 venues. This way you can use these quotes to help bring down the price of the venue you really want. Also if the venue you really want won’t bring down their price, you can always go with your second choice and make sure you stick to your budget.

3.  Stay strong on contracts. Minimums are usually BS. If a venue is telling you or your planner that there is a minimum on drinks, foods, space, or whatever, make sure you question it and fight to get a lower “minimum.” On the other side make sure you pay attention to any contract changes that may happen from the venue. Venues are a business too, so it makes sense that they will try to get as much as they can. Make sure you pay attention to any changes that a venue wants to make. Stay strong and do not agree to any last minute changes without a thorough read through of the contract.

4.   You can walk away! It was your dream venue, and they know it. Their minimums are too hight, they want to keep making changes to the contract, they are charging a huge amount and you might have to go over budget. Save some money and go with your second choice, make sure you are ready to save some money by walking away.

5.  Check the bill, then check again. Have you ever been at a restaurant and the bill comes, and right before you lay down your credit card you see they charged you for a appetizer you never ordered? We have all been there right? Well venues are no different. 99% of the time its an accident, but always double check your final bill to make sure there are no unnecessary charges or add ons.

6.  When the event is done. At the end of the day, when your event has ended, did you get all that was promised? If not, make sure you contact the venue and event management to get your discounts. If something wasn’t served or not satisfactory, make sure you let them know.

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