How Important is Event Technology?

This question has an obvious answer, but for some it might not be that obvious. Some events and people are stuck in the past when it comes to technology. Yes, every event needs AV, but that isn’t the only type of technology that you need now-a-days to impress and make your life easier. Lets talk about “new” technology that your event needs to survive in the new world.

Event Technology The Social Aspect-

Social media can make or break an event. If something goes wrong, it’s only a tweet or Facebook live video away from being posted on the internet and spreading like wildfire. So instead of ignoring social media and creating a possible issue, embrace it and make it an integral part of your event. Encourage attendees to take pictures and videos or your set up and talk about it online. Offer prizes and drawings for those who mention your event in a tweet while adding a photo of them in front of the main stage. Include a social wall to your event to also encourage people to “#” your event, thus adding them to the wall! There are plenty of opportunities to make sure you use social to your advantage.

Event Technology Registration-

If you want to make sure you have as many people as possible registering for your event, you better make sure you have a site set up so people can register online. Having to register in person is a hassle and anything where you have to literally mail or write on is so outdated you can practically see the cavemen opening your registration letters. Not everyone lives by the event and not everyone wants to spend money on a stamp or paper to register to your event. Have the option to register online for your event. You can even add some incentives for registering early to an event, i.e. swag or cheaper registration prices.

Event Technology Looking into the Future-

You must move with the times or be left in the past. Updating your tech is a must for any event you have. Your attendees are there to know what is happing and going to happen, not to be reminded that you are outdated and old. Make sure you integrate the new tech that is available into the event. Use led screens instead of printed signs. Have an app that helps guide your attendees not only around the event but around the surrounding area so they can have fun offsite too. Make sure your employees are up today with tablets and iPads so they can help guide clients and attendees with clean crips visuals. Save money with these items don’t print off tons of maps that will be tossed in minutes or lost forever.

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