Event Management is what we do! Here is some insight to help you with your next event!


This doesn’t necessarily mean that there has to be a specific item that you are selling. This could be a theme or just an type of training that you want your potential clients to learn about. Making it clear that there is a reason to go to the event is a very important element to getting people to go to your event.


What’s your budget? What is it going to cost the clients to get to your event? What exactly are you going to have to pay for? This is where event planners are a great investment. If you only have a specific amount of that you can only spend, you can pass this information along to an event planner who can work with your budget and get the problems of Hotel, food, location, events, and many more elements that make up your event, off your plate!


This works into both the product and price of your trade show or convention that you are trying to get clients to attend. Getting the word out to everyone through emails, social media, and local/regional ads is very important. Also knowing the cost and making sure that you are reaching the right people in your promotion will make or break the attendance for your event.


Ready for that cliche saying? LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Not everyone can travel to Hawaii and not everyone wants to go to Atlanta, for whatever reason. Choosing the right venue for your event is going to really help in cost and attendance. Make sure you are choosing an area that has things to do outside of the venue as well as being an easy place to get to. 

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