It’s easier said then done! That’s something that a lot of you have probably heard already. It is easy to tell people how to do something right and be successful, but what are the things you shouldn’t do? These are just as important and for event management it could be do or die!

Here are 3 BIG DON’TS if you are an event manager.

1. Location / Season

Location is very important to any event, but what about the season of the location? If a client wants to have a beach nearby, that’s one thing, but how’s the weather? Just because you pick a beautiful location that has great access to a beach or a park, it doesn’t mean the attendees of the event can enjoy them. If you choose a season that has 90 plus degree weather, you could be putting your attendees in a very uncomfortable, or even dangerous situation. Be mindful and look into the time frame and what the weather is usually like in that location.

2. Bad Budget

Here is another saying you might of heard before, “You get what you pay for.” This reigns true for event management. If you think that choosing the lowest bid for your event is a good idea, you might be having a bad week. Event management companies usually don’t own their own hotels, convention centers, or AV. So if you think that you are going to get the best of the best while paying the lowest, you’re going to be wrong. We aren’t saying that you have to spend the most money, but take into account all the things you want in your event and be reasonable on how little you think you will have to spend.

3. Wacky Timeframe

A big problem a lot of companies have is that they want a lot of cool innovative things to do in a limited timeframe. Meetings, games, vender shows, auctions, and much more. What isn’t thought of is, when are all of these things are going got happen? Trying to fit all of these in to a timeframe is almost impossible. You either have to have them overlapping, and have disappointed people having to make the choice of which event to attend and miss, or crunch them so tightly together, everyone has to rush their events to make the next one. It’s ok to pick and choose your events if you don’t have the timeframe to fit them all evenly. Also try extending your event if you think that every piece is important.

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