The 5 Don’ts of Your Office Holiday Party.

It’s starting too be that time of the year where all the fancy holidays are popping up. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, ECT… So what are some of the unwritten rules to attending these types of office parties? Lets go through some of the Don’ts of attending an office holiday party?


So this one is pretty obvious. Don’t show up to your costume themed party dressed as the President or making fun of some political party. You must remember with all of these get togethers, excluding retirement parties, you are going to see these people almost everyday. If you show your feelings on what you think of a political party, you might be excluding others who don’t hold that belief or even creating unnecessary anxieties and tensions in the work place.

Not keeping it conservative!

Now before everyone gets crazy about how PC things are getting, lets remember that we are talking about corporate parties. If you want to be a sexy Mario or a car wreck victim that is fine for a personal party, but you have to think of who you will be around. Keep it conserve and light hearted.

Don’t force your employees to attend!

Not everyone believes in the same traditions as you do. Don’t force your employees to attend in something they don’t believe in, making your parties optional is a must.

What to do about Alcohol?

Ok so this is a don’t… and a do. You see, if you have a small office and not a lot of people attending your holiday party, alcohol might not be a bad idea. However if you have a large office and a lot of people attending your party, it’s not a great idea to supply them with a substance that might create some issues and have the possibility of discontinuing the party down the road. I you are having your holiday party off site though, it’s up to personal preference of the owner to decided if the ol’funny juice is ok to consume.

Work hours!

Don’t hold your holiday party during work hours. Why would you want to hold a party and then have half your office not only not show up but have to jump on and off the phones 80% of the time. Have your party off hours so people can decide to show up if they want and also not have to worry about going back to work during something that they are attending because they want to have some fun!

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