Blogs and social are essential part of running a company now-a-days.. Every day of the week you need to be online reminding everyone that your company exist and that they should be working with you. However, after a while, it gets hard trying to come up with new and original content for your social media. What works for Facebook might not work for Twitter, and what works for Instagram probably wont work for snapchat. So what are some ways you can fill in the blanks for those days you don’t have any content lined up to post?

Here are some sites and strategies on getting ideas for your next post… if you are a event management company that is…

(Warning! If you are planing on using any of this content for your own site, please remember to put it into your own words. Plagiarism is bad for a lot of reasons, such as: Stealing someone else’s blogs is going to get you in some trouble. Most of the time you will just get some warnings to take down the post if you didn’t have any permission, but why take the chance? Also, if you are found out to just be copy and pasting someone else material, you look bad and unoriginal. Who wants to hire a bad and unoriginal event manager? That being said lets get to the blog.) – If you are having trouble coming up with ideas that are relevant, try out this site! Now, as far as looks go, the site isn’t the prettiest, but it does give you insight on what national day it happens to be. This isn’t to say that every day is going to have something that is relevant or event driven, but if you can get your office together to take a picture for #nationalpancakeday you will have a post that is relevant and can show a personal side to your business! By the way, national pancake day was September 26th… so you missed it. – Having trouble coming up with a blog post for the week? Get some creative juices flowing here! Again I will refer you to my warning up top when looking at these blogs, but there is nothing wrong with gaining motivation through reading other blogs. Nothing you will do will be completely original, heck, there is probably a blog out there very similar to this.But if you are having troubles thinking of an event related blogs, this is the perfect site for you. – You’re not always going to have the pictures or video for your national day, or event blog, so sometimes you’re going to have to borrow from other sources. This site is perfect for free, non copyrighted, non royalty, pictures and video. Now when it comes to free things, you probably aren’t going to get the best of the best, so take this suggestion with a grain of salt. The pictures are going to look like stock so you might get some flack on that, but visual content is better then none right?

The competition – So there is no link here because I don’t know who you think your competition might be. Heck you could be looking at our stuff and getting some ideas for that! But keeping a close eye on your rivals will help you stay up to date with what is going on in your neck of the woods. Also, just because you are rivals, doesn’t mean you can’t share. Ask them to guest blog and vise versa. This can create some useful backlinks for the future (for both parties).

I hope this helps you out, and in good faith, I would love to offer this blog to help you fill up one of your days. Copy and paste to your hearts content! It would be nice if you could send some credit our way with a mention ( but if you want all the glory to yourself… that’s ok too.

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