Feeding a large group of people comes with it’s complications. First you have to make sure there is enough food for everyone while making sure there are options for everyone’s diet. Then you have to cook it or find someone to cook it and set it up for your guest. Then there is the clean up afterwards. So what kind of foods should you be making to make these steps easier for yourself? Here are 5 big meals you can make have for your next big event!

1. BBQ – If you are having your big event anywhere down south, BBQ is the way to go! You will have plenty of greens for your side dishes and the Mac and Cheese will be a favorite for sure. BBQ is easy to create in mass quantities and will have plenty of options for those who don’t eat meat. Also if anyone has any diet restrictions, you can always order kosher!

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2. Salads – Salads are easy! With an easy base of lettuces and other vegetables, you can always have a salad bar set up for your attendees. They can create their own meals by mixing the meats and the greens and eat what they want at your big event!Big Event

3. Sandwich Platters – Get a few diffrent sandwiches made up for your attendees! You can have 3 or 4 diffrent types of sandwiches made for the big event. From your basic deli sandwiches to fried chicken patties and black bean burgers, you can give your attendees options when they approach the sandwich bar!

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4. Breakfast Foods – Who doesn’t like breakfast foods? Eggs are easy to prepare and most breakfast foods are created in a few steps. Serving breakfast for dinner is sure to be a hit because who doesn’t want to eat bacon for every meal of the day?Big Event

5. Cheese Platters – Fresh mozzarella with a slice of tomato and basil. Swiss, gouda, brie, and on and on and on! If you are looking for light snacking food that will also fill your attendees bellies, cheese platters a safe and easy to create dish. Pairing the cheese with tasty deli meets and savory vegetables will cover all your feeding needs!

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