5 Cool Event Seating Ideas for Your Next Event

1. Giant Blocks

Event Seating

Time to get creative with your event seating! You can have seating created or encourage your guest to make their own seating with these awesome supersize blocks! Great for a small seating section or even a themed event (i.e. construction conferences)   

 (Some examples here)

2. Cardboard Seating

event seating

Eco-friendly event seating for your attendees! This kind of seating is light and easy for the on the go trade show attendees who would like to move without the hassle of finding new seating or having to carry around a large chair. Great for supporting “Going Green.” 

(Some Examples Here)

3. Velvet Loungers

Event Seating

It’s comfort time for your event seating! If you want to give a laid back feel to any given section of your event, put in some velvet loungers. This is great for a classy feel and also to give your attendees a great place to sit back and relax.

“Hey, where are all the attendees?”

“Oh, I saw most of them in the Velvet Loungers section… they won’t get up.”

4. LED Cubes

EVENT Seating

Wanting to give your event seating a SciFi feel? Maybe you’re giving a talk about new tech and you want a beautiful room with the lights off. LED Cubes are a little off the line with a lot of events, but can be great for a sitting area for an open bar or even a small meeting room that wants to be diffrent!

(Examples Here)

5. Bean Bags


Ok, I know… BEAN BAGS?! But hear me out! You want to cut through the seriousness of a meeting and give your attendees a little fun? Want to bring back those childhood memories while also talking about the future? Beanbags are a great way to bring a little goofiness and fun to any event!

(Examples Here)


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