1) Last year’s events attendees should be rewarded.

If an attendee went to your show last year, then there’s a good chance that they will be going to most of your events this year. Rewarding your last year’s attendees with special pricing or a small gift of some sort will help retain that attendance. This will also guarantee different attendees will return for your next event to get the incentive for themselves. 

2) Early bird catches the pricing.

It’s ok to light a fire everyone and then to get your attendees to sign up. Use more then one level of pricing depending on the time that someone signs up. The longer they wait, the pricier the events could be for them. This sense of urgency can help with getting quicker sign ups.

3) Get early registrants to write blog posts about the event they are going to.

It makes sense that early sign ups are the biggest supporters of your events. Give those attendees a chance to let everyone else know why you are the best in the business by offering up a chance to write a blog post about why they love your event. Not only will this help with getting other attendees interested in your event, it will also help your website gain more traction with useful keywords and backlinks!

4) Promote the location, not just the event!

If you check out any of our older blogs you will see a common theme in all of them… LOCATION! We write about how important the location of your event is, a lot. Thats because it is a large draw for the attendees of your event. Would you rather go to Vegas for your event, or Terre Haute, IN. Making sure you show your attendees that they can enjoy the event and its surroundings is very important.

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