1. Think about Failure in Your Meeting

Now this isn’t to say you walk into a meeting and yell out, “Oh my God the company is failing! What are we gonna do?” Scaring your employees is highly advised against. However, starting the meeting proposing the idea that the company has failed, and asking this question can help spark initiative in failure prevention and working together to help figure out future problems: “Let’s say our company has failed, why? And what can we do to prevent it?”

2. Make the Meeting Not a Meeting

Think about this about your meeting. You are called into the same room day after day to discuss the ideas needed to make your company succeed. Same tan walls, same un-energetic faces, and the same answers over and over. Why not move the meeting to a diffrent novel location. A park, a museum, something that will spark creativity and loosen up everyone involved. Also inviting guest speakers who are important to the topics being discussed can really push the narrative along. Not everyone has an island that they can take their company to every now and then, but planning a business trip will Definitely get you employees motivated to do better and think harder

3. Stop and Breathe.

Before you start your meeting, stop for a second an take some time to meditate on the meeting you are about to have. This should help clear your mind in a way that will help you focus on the task that is about to be on hand and also get your mind ready. Going from your desk to a meeting can be like transitioning from one job to another. Stop in-between that transition and breath, so when you continue, you are in a new mindset.

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