1. The Attendee list Scam Problems– It’s not as obvious as the Nigerian prince who needs your bank information so he can send you a million dollars, but the idea is similar. You are approved online through email to buy a list of everyone who attended the event you were just at. “Hi, we have the names and email addresses of the 4,000 attendees that were at XYZ convention and you can have it for only $500!” Wow what a deal right? As a company you could use these 4k emails and boost your sales 10 fold! Just kidding. These emails are not real, and if they are, they stole those emails.

These people who are sending these emails are only out to get the same information that the Nigerian princes want. At first they say all they will need is they type of companies you want, then they start asking you for your card numbers and personal info. Don’t do it! First: they only want to take your money and run. Second: Buying/Selling an email list of people who didn’t ask to be on an email list is illegal. If you are interested in buying an email list legally, here is a safer way to do so: Proper Email Purchase

2. The Other Businesses Using your Hashtag Problems – So here is something that we at Sterling Events Group ran into this year. When you are running a large event that will have people talking on social media, you are going to want a hashtag. The issue with this is that local businesses can end up using your hashtag to try and attract your attendees into visiting their store. Now this is pretty harmless until the wrong type of business get ahold of your hashtag.

For example, when you are holding your event in Vegas keep a close eye on your hashtag usages. There’s a good chance that a local strip club could grab your hashtag and try to get some of your attendees to spend some money with them. Again, this is mostly harmless, but you really don’t want your business name associated with the local strip clubs when you are running your children toy trade show. For help running and controlling who sees your hashtag usage check out these guys: Tint Up

3. The Other Shows Mix In Problems– This is probably going to be the least of your problems, and something that you aren’t going to be able to avoid, but it is something you should pay attention to. You are never going to be the only Event in the convention center. While your Ski Expo is going on, so is the Animal Benefit down the hall. When you are serving your lunches and dinners, expect to see some strays trying to walk through your doors to grab a bite. Have human arrows check ids and point people in the right direction to avoid this. You also don’t want spies walking into your meetings and kickoffs stealing your ideas. Keeps security tight and know who is in your building, because they know you’re there too.

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