Events are, usually, inherently great right? It’s a spectacle for those who have never been to a convention and a nostalgic feel for those who go every year. When you go to an event, you usually expect to receive some Corporate Swag! You know, Stuff We All Get, and thats great! However, sometimes the swag is not swaggy enough. So what can you do for your event to make sure everyone is going home happy and with some awesome Corporate Swag? Here are our top 3 swag items for your next big event.


Before you roll your eyes, you need to brand yourself. Giving something that doesn’t have your name plastered on it is not a great way to promote your event. Give something that they will use everyday at the office, so every time they take a sip of coffee from their STERLING EVENTS mug, they are thinking of that awesome event you just held. Other corporate items can be: Mouse pads, laptop covers, umbrellas for the rainy days, water bottles, and binders! Now this isn’t all of the things you can brand for a corporate event, but you get the picture.


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People love technology! Thats a given since you are reading this on your computer right now. So what kind of cool gadgets can you hand out during your event? Now I did include headphones in the corporate section, but it can go in here too, but here are some others: Wireless speakers, disposable cameras, phone chargers, maybe even something big like a branded laptop that you are giving away! One other idea is a bluetooth tracker, you can attache it too your key chains or anything that you wouldn’t want to get lost.  

Corporate Swag

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Nostalgia is strong with people. Who doesn’t want to remember the good old days? Try giving out candies, food, and drinks from peoples childhood for a starter. After, step it up to things like games and toys from the past with your logo on it. When they take their Corporate Swag home they will be reminded of the good times and most likely remember your event fondly.

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